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Family Owned


 We are a family run business. In 2010, my father designed a windshield for his Polaris RZR. He wanted something that wouldn’t scratch, and would allow ventilation. As soon as his friends and other RZR owners saw the unique design of this windshield, they wanted one too. Soon, he was selling these windshields to most of the dealers in Utah. 

 In 2015, we expanded, and we now provide service and ship all over the USA. Our custom designed windshields are made from 1/4 inch tinted laminated safety glass. There is a flap on the bottom of the windshield that will open and close from the inside. The opener is located on the driver’s side for easy access. This flap will allow plenty of ventilation on those hot summer days, and help reduce the trail dust. That’s the unique feature of a windshield from sXs Windshields when compared with anybody else in the market. We were the first ones to design and implement this feature. Whether you have a 2008 or a 2019 Polaris RZR, or one of the new Polaris Generals, we have a great windshield for you! 


 Tired of your plexiglass windshield scratching? 

Looking for an all-season tinted full glass windshield? 

Do you want ventilation that will keep down the trail dust? 

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